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Passive Solar Home Technologic Facts

Stone-veneer face over reinforced block Trombe Wall collects, stores, and modulates heat from low winter sun.


Stone from property also was quarried for fireplaces in town by local stone masons.  McDeavitt family (3 generations) worked as local stone masons with John doing our stone work.  John’s work is noted for subtle keystone and petal patterns.  Sea and plant fossil prints are featured randomly through out the stone work.


Apart from some midnight raids on freshly plowed cornfields by resident teenager and friend, all stone came from the property.


The fireplace rests on a boulder that was split—exposing a sandstone face.


A springhouse stone is featured in a small rock-scaped exhibit (from Ed Lindey—from nearby Lindey Road farm).


Solar lag means cool house in summer and warm into early fall with overhang to shield against direct sunlight.


Passive solar heating and wood keep the electric bill under $100 per month.

Woodlot supply of firewood not diminished after 30 years.


A stone double fireplace is visible throughout the house.


The two mantles are cut from an American chestnut with bark removed to show re-growth over the blighted area.


Simply Stated:

• sun delivered heat.

• winter long sauna

• swim all year


House Site:

6.17 Acres site with outcroppings and boulders from last glacier (it stopped just south at Moraine State Park)...


Transportation and Population Centers

• Slippery Rock University--3.5 miles

• Prime Outlets (I-79, London)--14 miles

• Slippery Rock I-79 Exit 105--7 miles.

• Pittsburgh downtown--55 miles


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